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We offer a repair estimate service on the majority of 35mm SLR's and 120 format film cameras, Manual and autofocus lenses and re-collimation of binoculars. Repairs of Digital SLR's are taken on a one by one basis, and would be assessed upon inquiry... unfortunately we are unable to complete the repair of digital CSC's, bridge or compact camera.

Repairs take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, although this may increase if parts are required and need to be sourced elsewhere.

We also specialize in the repair of light trapping on older SLR's, 120 film backs and any equipment that uses foam or rubber to trap light, again estimates are free for this service.

We also offer an insurance quotation service... price £14

Note: The cost of the repair estimate is £20... this amount will be deducted from your total bill on completion of the repair...or refunded to you if the repair is unable to be completed.